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Tarmon Tulkku Finch - Birds by Toikka - Iittala

Tarmon Tulkku Finch - Birds by Toikka - Iittala

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In 1995, Tarmon Tulkku Bird was crafted exclusively for Finnport, rendering it a coveted collector's item with only 300 in existence, each uniquely numbered on its base. Conceived during a visit by Oiva Toikka to Finnport's founder, Tarmo Pihlaja, the bird features a striking combination of red breast, nuanced brown and light blue hues adorning its back, contrasted by a sleek black head.

Oiva Toikka (1931-2019) meticulously collaborated with skilled glassblowers at the Nuutajärvi glass factory to bring Tarmon Tulkku into existence.

Dimensions: Length 14cm | Width 8cm | Height 9cm
Signature: O. Toikka - Nuutajärvi
Limited Edition Number: 277/300
Condition: Excellent

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