About Finnport

Welcome to Finnport Fine Finnish Gifts! Our shop is a distinctive part of the Finnish district in Thunder Bay, Ontario, nestled within the historic Bay & Algoma Neighbourhood since 1975.

We take pride in our curated selection of Finnish, Nordic, and Scandinavian designs, each boasting timeless beauty and craftsmanship. Our store is a treasure trove where products effortlessly captivate with their elegance and allure.

While our website showcases a range of our offerings, there are always hidden gems waiting to be discovered in our store. Make sure to visit us often to explore new arrivals and upcoming products.

In 2024, Sam and Saara took the helm of Finnport, bringing with them their Finnish heritage and fluency in the language. Decades of experience in Finnish culture and products, plus a familial heritage in Thunder Bay, brings the perfect combination of the Finnish and Canadian crossover. 

Back in 1997, Diana and Mona embarked on their journey with Finnport, acquiring the business from its founder, Tarmo Pihlaja, and continuing its legacy of celebrating Finnish culture and design.

Join us at Finnport Fine Finnish Gifts, where tradition meets contemporary elegance, and every piece tells a story.