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Prost Sauna Scent

Prost Sauna Scent

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Usage:  1 capful to 2 gallons of water.

Eucaplyptus:  Great scent that is also good for colds.  Clears out your sinuses.

Wintergreen:  The perfect combination of sweetness and mint, the Prost Wintergreen Sauna Essence helps relax your body by stimulating your sense of smell. 

Menthol:  A subtle mint scent, the Prost Menthol Sauna Essence will transform your regular sauna into a dual sensory experience.

Evergreen:  The wonderful scent of pine, mint and woods! Created to add a pleasing aroma to your sauna experience, the smell creates depth and dimension that takes your body to a heightened sense of relaxation.

Cedar:  Add the spicy, woodsy scent of Prost Cedar Essence and heighten the sensory affect of your sauna.

Lemon:  Refreshing citrus scent.

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