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Vaasan Aito Saippua Oy

Original Finnish Sauna Soaps

Original Finnish Sauna Soaps

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These long lasting soaps are specially made for the sauna.  They are a hard soap that won't melt in the sauna.  They also rinse off the skin especially well, leaving one feeling "squeaky" clean.

Birch:  Enjoy the complete sauna experience by washing with this authentic birch-scented soap from Finland. The large 8oz (225g) bar has the refreshing natural birch scent which Finns associate with sauna. 

Pine:  The large 8 oz. (225g) bar has the refreshing natural woodsy scent of pine needles.

Lilac: The large 8 oz. (225g) bar has a light and lovely lilac scent.

Made in Finland by Vaasan Aito Saippua, this Finnish Sauna Soap will ensure a satisfying sauna experience.

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