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Nappula Candleholder Large

Nappula Candleholder Large

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Designer Matti Klenell took inspiration for Nappula from a peculiarly shaped table with ‘swollen’ feet at the Iittala Glass Museum.
His interpretation was to create a candleholder with a tall, elegant stem standing on a solid, round base.
Nappula’s signature silhouette has become a modern Nordic design classic.
The tallest Nappula candleholder creates maximum impact with its seamless blend of contemporary and vintage elements.
Moss green complements the strong, minimalist design.
Reflects a soft, warm light that brings cosy ambience to any interior. Stunning alone or grouped in a collection. Great gift idea. Works with tapered candles only.

Colour: Moss Green

Aside from timelessness, what sets iittala's designs apart is the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Though these pieces may appear simple and minimalist, the process of creating them is anything but.

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