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Aarikka Karpalo (“Cranberry”) Earrings, Hazel

Aarikka Karpalo (“Cranberry”) Earrings, Hazel

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Our new, cascading, and bold Unisex collection is made of walnut tree. Its deep and vibrant colours truly come out in this jewellery collection. We have forgone colours to bring out the true, authentic beauty of the walnut tree. Simple and stylish, truly authentic. Ecologic, too.

Karpalo earrings in natural shades has one, large walnut tree bead, the largest in the Unisex collection, They are light to wear and stylish. Made for you, me, and everyone.

Colour: Hazel
Material:  Walnut tree, jewellery metal, silver hooks
Size: Height 2,5 cm, Ø 1,5 cm.

Handmade in Finland.

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