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Heart of the House Large Bronze Pendant

Heart of the House Large Bronze Pendant

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Kalevala's Heart of the House is a tale of enduring love, a reminder that jewelry has been given and worn for the same reasons from one millennium to the next. At the same time, Heart of the House is a tribute to the new Kalevala House and to those working there. According to designer Tony Granholm, the ever-moving small heart within the shelter of another heart represents the people in a house who make it come alive. Also emblematic is the fact that hearts of all sizes require a great deal of craftsmanship.

The Finnish jewelry maker Kalevala Jewelry was established in 1937 and its collections include modern designs as well as pieces based on historical models. All items are manufactured in Finland with the newest technologies, utilizing the art of skillful goldsmiths. Each piece tells a story and wearing the piece, you are included in the story.

Kalevala jewelry is manufactured in a state-of-the-art workshop in Helsinki, in seamless cooperation with over 80 jewelry professionals. 

Adjustable 42/45 cm chain

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