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Rento Bamboo Sauna Bucket

Rento Bamboo Sauna Bucket

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Bamboo looks great and is ecologically friendly. 

Sauna buckets and ladles made with heat-treated, laminated bamboo. The bamboo series also includes a ladle and sauna thermometer. 

Bamboo is a rapidly growing and naturally renewable grass.
Bamboo is a beautiful material that goes well together with Finnish sauna woods.
The inner plastic bucket makes it easy to clean and extends its service life.
Light and strong, bamboo supports sustainable development and is an ecological alternative to hardwoods. A well-kept sauna pail preserves its charm and longevity
After the sauna, empty the pail of water.
Do not leave the bamboo pail to dry in a hot and moist sauna.
Clean the surfaces if necessary with mild, soapy water, using a soft sponge or brush.

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