Melooni Bathrobe, Grey, White, Yellow

Melooni Bathrobe, Grey, White, Yellow

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This kimono-style bathrobe in the Melooni pattern is made of cotton waffle. The gown is wrapped around the waist with a sewn-on belt, which is pulled through a slit in the side seam. The loose sleeves are dropped at the shoulders. A large, laid-back pattern of stylized natural forms, Melooni (melon) is one of the many designs in Maija Isola’s output of the 1960s that superbly captured the spirit of the times.

Country of origin Turkey

Width 65.00 cm

Category Name Bathrobes

Pattern Designer Maija ja Kristina Isola

Pattern Melooni

Oeko-Tex certificate 1/0 Target group n/a

Series Melooni

Commercial Usage Name Bathrobe

Design Year 1963

Weight 0.62 kg

Length 120.00 cm

Available Sizes S/M-L/XL

Main material 100 % Cotton

Care instruction Follow the washing temperature given. Shrinkage max. 7%. Wash separately. Do not soak. Colour may bleed. Tumble drying recommended.