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Field Notes

FIELD NOTES, 5E Gaming Journals

FIELD NOTES, 5E Gaming Journals

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Presenting thee with these Field Notes journals for the fifth edition of “the world’s greatest roleplaying game,” Dungeons & Dragons. With Character Journals for players, and Game Master & Monster / Encounter Journals for GMs, 5E Journals cover all three D&D core rulebooks.

A lot of graph paper at Field Notes, but even after years of making Memo Books, it’s hard to see those little squares without wanting to map out a route through a subterranean dungeon or an abandoned castle. Which path will lead us to the dragon, berserker, or whatever other enemies stand between us, treasure, and glory?

While original Field Notes served well for general map-making and note-taking, they were craving purpose-built books to track progress. With some help from their more-experienced dungeoneering friends, Field Notes set out on an adventure to make the three best, most complete, most useful 5E role-playing and game-mastering journals available.

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