Swedish Lovi Beige Mat
Swedish Lovi Beige Mat

Swedish Lovi Beige Mat

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Material Phthalate-free PVC, Polyester 90/10

Swedish craftsmanship & tradition

The Horred rug is more than just rugs.
It's color, shape and design.
To love. To go on. Every day.

We dig where we stand. In the Swedish design tradition. It is the one we are rooted in. For almost six decades. 
But strong roots can be moved. 
Find vigor in new places. 
Just as Swedish design has always done. 
Impressions and expressions.
And from within. From the new.
And the old.
From the immigrant. 
And it emigrated. 
It is in the meeting, out of diversity, that the new runs. The beautiful arises. 

Great mat for in the sauna change room, bathroom and kitchen etc