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Sailor’s Knot Amulet Necklace - Bronze

Sailor’s Knot Amulet Necklace - Bronze

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The sailor’s knot forms an unending braided ribbon. In the prosperous Viking era, luck and prosperity would come to anyone wearing jewelry with a sailor’s knot pattern. In Finland, many pendants and clasps decorated with sailor’s knots have been discovered. Carry the sailor’s knot like your ancestors – it is still a good luck charm, full of magic.

New interpretation of an ancient lucky symbol. The silver Sailor’s Knot amulet appeals to all friends of small and light jewelry, who take interest in intriguing details, powerful stories and beliefs from distant past. Wear long, short or inbetween, perhaps two or even three Amulets simultaneously. The plain reverse side can be engraved. Adjustable length 40/45/50 cm. The pendant is delivered with a separate extension piece you can use to make the chain even longer, 55 or 60 cm. Spring ring clasp on both the chain and the extension.

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