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Rento Concentrated Sauna Scents

Rento Concentrated Sauna Scents

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Add 3 to 6 drops to your sauna ladle, and throw on the hot stones.  Always dilute with water.

Forest - has scents of spruce needles, moss, bilberry plants and freshly chopped fire wood.

Birch - fills your sauna with summery fragrances of lush nature and fresh birch leaves.

Eucalyptus - eucalyptus and warming herbs.  Great for colds.

Citrus - aromatic and fresh smell of citrus fruits.

Arctic Berries - fragrance of berries from Lapland ripened midnight sun and arctic weather.  

Arctic PineThe fragrance contains young pine needles, resin and wood scents to entice the senses.

Tar - Tar sauna scent brings to mind a summer cabin, with the smoky fragrance of a warming sauna.

Winter Spice - The Rento Winter Spices Scent is a 'spicy ginger bread scent that reminds of dark, atmospheric evenings and days baking just before Christmas draws near. Perfect for getting you into the Christmas mood.

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