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Rento Sauna Scent 400ml

Rento Sauna Scent 400ml

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Aromatic invigoration for the sauna. Add 2-4 capfuls to a sauna bucket full of water. Throw water on a hot sauna stove for aromatic steam.

Eucalyptus:  Pungent green leaves, and warming herbs.  Great for colds.

Citrus: Slightly sweet aromas of fresh citrus fruits.

Arctic Berries:  A scent of fresh berries from Lapland.

Tar:   The fragrance of smoke from a warming sauna.

Birch:  Early summer scents of awakening forest greenery.

Forest: Forest scent calls to mind spruce needles, moss, bilberry plants and freshly chopped firewood.

Arctic Pine:  The fragrance contains young pine needles, resin and wood scents entice the senses.

Winter Spices:  Fragrance of spices bursting with ambience and warmth for the cold dark nights of the year.

Size: 400 ml

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