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Makkaraputki Sauna Sausage Cooker

Makkaraputki Sauna Sausage Cooker

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While enjoying your sauna, why not top off the experience with a juicy, crispy sausage. The "Makkaraputki" Sauna Sausage/Hot Dog Cooker, made from 100% authentic Finnish soapstone, uses the sauna's heat to cook your favourite sausages to perfection—crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Carved in Tuupovaara, north-eastern Finland, by the sauna-loving Finns at Hukka Design Oy, this cooker is easy to use. Simply place the cooking tube on the sauna stones and remove it with an oven mitt when done. The slit allows for easy removal with a fork. 

• Do not place Hukka products in direct contact with the electric heating element.

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