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Erittäin Hieno

Erittäin Hieno Suomalainen Shampoo

Erittäin Hieno Suomalainen Shampoo

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300 ml

Made in Finland

Scents: Tar, Blueberry, Birch, Original, Traditional Hair Care, For Colour Treated Hair 

Original - Blue

The original “blue cottage shampoo” Born in the 1970s, the Very Fine Finnish Shampoo has achieved a permanent place in the hearts and showers and saunas of Finns and is by far the most popular of the series' products. Its composition is softly full-bodied and suitably mild.

Suitable for all hair types.

Tar- Brown

Traditional tar-scented Very Fine Finnish Tar Shampoo is made from pure ingredients. Its composition, which is suitable for all hair types, moisturizes the scalp in addition to the hair and helps to prevent the formation of dandruff when used repeatedly.

Blueberry- Purple 

Very Fine Finnish Blueberry Shampoo provides summer energy for dry and treated hair by moisturizing and caring for it. Very Fine Finnish Blueberry Shampoo with blueberry extract is made from pure ingredients. Especially suitable for dry and treated hair. Contains genuine blueberry extract.

Blueberry Conditioner - Light Purple 

Blueberry Conditioner - Moisture and care for treated hair Especially for treated hair, the importance of the conditioner is emphasized. Very Fine Finnish Blueberry Conditioner is especially suitable for treating and moisturizing treated and dry hair. The conditioner contains authentic, Finnish blueberry extract. For dry and treated hair.

Birch- Green Bottle

Very Fine Finnish Birch Shampoo is made from pure ingredients. It contains nature's own elixir, birch extract that strengthens fine Finnish hair. The extract from birch leaves has been used for centuries as a conditioner in hair rinsing water. Gentle birch shampoo is also suitable for frequent washing. The fresh scent of birch brings the atmosphere of a summer sauna evening to everyday hair washing throughout the year.
Especially suitable for fine hair, frequent washing.

Traditional Care Conditioner- White 

Very Fine Finnish Hair Care is made of pure ingredients.
The creamy, pearly shimmering conditioner makes the hair naturally soft and easy to comb.
For all hair types.

Apple and Wheat Germ- Pink 

A gentle shampoo specially developed for coloured and treated hair. In addition to apple extract, the shampoo contains nourishing wheat germ oil, which cares for and gives shine. The shampoo has a luxurious, full-bodied fresh scent.

Apple and Wheat Germ Conditioner- Light Pink

A gentle Very Fine Finnish Conditioner Plus developed especially for treated hair.
In addition to apple extract, the conditioner contains wheat germ oil, which cares for and gives shine. The conditioner has a luxurious, full-bodied fresh scent.

Children's Shampoo and Conditioner - Green with Bubble Bath

Mr. Hakkarainen's favorite shampoo! 
Apple Fresh Very Fine Finnish Children's shampoo and conditioner is made from pure, the best ingredients. 
Washes and cares for hair gently soft and easier to comb.

Sports Content- Blue with Sisu 

Very Fine Finnish Sport 3in1 Sisu shampoo is easy to take along because it contains shampoo, conditioner and shower soap together. The caring composition is suitable for both hair and skin, leaving a fresh and clean feeling.

All shampoo and condititioners are silicone free.

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