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Kosmos Earrings, Bronze

Kosmos Earrings, Bronze

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People used to believe that celestial bodies had an effect on their fate, and they deciphered the future from the positions of the stars. Circles and spirals, the ancient symbols of perfection and eternity, depicted in the Kosmos jewelry, reflect the boundless universe around us in which celestial bodies travel in their own orbs at their own rates.

Material: Bronze (alloy of copper, tin and zinc) All pieces are varnished to prevent oxidation. Bronze is hypo-allergenic.

Kalevala Koru began production in 1935 with pieces that were copied from jewelry found in burial sites across Finland dating back 1000's of years. Many of the original pieces have special symbolism and messages. Recently, Kalevala designers have been inspired by themes of nature and literature to create new pieces. Today, The Association of the Women of Kalevala still operate the company, and donate company profits to various charities that promote Finnish Culture.

  • Brand: Kalevala Koru
  • Designer: Antonio Mazzamauro
  • Country: Designed in Finland, Made in Finland
  • Material: Bronze
  • Pendant Size: .82" (21 mm)
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